TAKtical International Limited

TAKtical International Limited’s strength lies in the solid foundation of its principles and their extensive global relationships. With fine-tuned expertise in a broad base of financially-driven industry verticals such as real estate, finance, healthcare, hospitality, media, consumer goods and entertainment, it provides a broad array of category specific services to its diverse clientele. Based on the combined experience of its partners and management team, TAKtical confidently and competently balances its global knowledge with its regional experience.

The TAKtical Group of Companies is built on the philosophy of only entering into businesses where there is personal industry knowledge or when there is an opportunity to partner with an industry expert. This philosophy is what allowed TAKtical to get involved in such wide ranging industries as finance, real estate, healthcare, and hospitality. Choosing the right partners has allowed TAKtical to expand its geographic footprint by creating strategic alliances, joint ventures, and majority-owned subsidiaries on three continents. Local expertise and global opportunities expand on a solid foundation, providing a wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled plan for success.

TAKtical Advisory Group FZ LLC

Established in Los Angeles, California in 1995 and formerly known as Manhattan West, Inc., TAKtical Advisory Group (TAG) rebranded and established itself in Dubai in 2003 as a corporate consulting firm that has assisted small and mid-cap companies with international strategies, corporate structuring and mergers & acquisitions. TAG has also advised high net worth individuals in conducting corporate due diligence, creating alternative investment and liquidity strategies, and developing European, Middle Eastern and South Asian corporate strategies and management consulting protocols. TAG has advised and assisted several companies in gaining a public listing on U.S. stock markets through both initial public offerings and reverse mergers.