TAKtical International Limited is a global holding company with interests in various industry verticals including Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial Projects and Real Estate.

In today’s global and increasingly volatile economy, successful businesses have to find ways to thrive in a dynamic marketplace; passive investments often result in unpredictable returns. To meet this challenge, TAKtical International has established a global footprint which includes various entities able to take full advantage of the myriad opportunities wherever and whenever they present themselves, offering its clients a reassuring peace of mind.

TAKtical International is well positioned to draw from a global pool of opportunities encompassing a vast range of industries on behalf of its clientele. To date, the TAKtical International group has undertaken over $1 billion in corporate finance transactions and over $1.5 billion in Real Estate transactions.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the principals of TAKtical have leveraged their extensive and established relationships with hedge funds, ultra high net worth individuals, merchant families, as well as an array of financial institutions, particularly in the Middle East, to identify unique investment opportunities worldwide. Their extensive network coupled with the Gulf region’s abundant liquidity allows them to react quickly and easily to opportunities as they arise. The past few years, however, has seen a marked shift in TAKtical’s clientele as more investors from the region are looking abroad for new and exciting ways to invest as industry as well as geographical diversification has become a key focus for many of them.

Since 1987 our principals have managed over $2 billion in transactions covering areas such as private equity, financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, structured debt, REIT’s and PIPE’s. TAKtical’s team offers clients over 35 years of collective Private Equity and Strategic Advisory experience in several industries including:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Projects
  • Real Estate

Perfect partnership of experience and skill

TAKtical International’s success is borne from the determination and commitment of its founding partners, Tariq S. Khan and H. Kerem Turkmen. The depth and breadth of their experience combine to create a complementary skill set that has led TAKtical down its path to ever increasing achievements and success.


World class people makeour global network

Diversity is key at TAKtical: diversity in background, experience and knowledge, available to clients, offering world class services and unrivalled opportunities in today’s global economy.

TAKtical International has an extensive network of industry experts and strategic advisors that allow TAKtical to thoroughly understand the strengths and weaknesses of an industry as well as an opportunity before presenting it to its clientele. Built on the foundation of transparency, integrity, and honesty, TAKtical is proud of its longstanding relationships in the industry as well as its clientele that has leveraged TAKtical’s services for well over a decade.